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 On Your Own

The On Your Own plan targets recent graduates who are joining the workforce for the first time but haven't yet gotten married or started families. For these clients, we'll look at income and assets, which will likely be limited but have much potential for future growth. We'll work with each client to establish what it looks like to live within his or her means, review employee benefits, and be a resource for questions regarding managing student loans and major purchases such as cars or homes. We'll also discuss automating savings for emergency funds, retirement, and insurance coverage.

The On Your Own package includes an initial in-person planning meeting, a customized financial plan and checklist, and one year of follow-up services.

Package fee: $75/mo.

Services provided include:

  • Discussion of your financial priorities
  • Debt review
  • Employee benefits review
  • Emergency savings review
  • Major purchase review
  • Income protection analysis
  • Income tax review
  • Action checklist

Optional add-ons for this package include:

  • Detailed budget: $250
  • Student loan review: $200

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*Please note: Services are currently offered only in the state of Kentucky.