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Financial Success in Your 20s

When you think of financial success, what comes to mind? For some folks, that conjures images of big homes, fancy cars, and a lavish lifestyle. For others, it means simply having enough money to cover all the bills and still have a little fun. Over the next few weeks, I…

Credit Score Do's and Don'ts

Have you checked your credit score lately? If not, put that on your to-do list for this week. Whatever the number is staring back at you, I wanted to share a few do’s and don’ts for building and maintaining your credit rating. Do – Pay every bill on time all the time. Your…

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

What do you think of when you hear the word “debt”? Crushing credit card bills? Guilt? Major purchases like cars or homes? When it comes to financial debt, the word means different things to different people, and not all types of debt are created equal.

Beware of the Diderot Effect

When it comes to saving and building up your net worth, one of the most important things to keep within your means is consumer spending. There’s a direct correlation between your net worth and how much you save, yes, but your consumer debt is also a big factor.

Transitioning to Your First Job

Last week, we talked about things to consider when applying for or paying off you student loans. This week, we're focusing on the transition away from college and into that first "real" job after school.

Student Loans: Things to Consider

Whether you or the students in your life are still in high school and thinking about ways to fund higher education, or you're a young professional out of college and facing those first few months of payments, there are a couple of things to be aware of as you approach paying…