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When Should I Hire An Accountant?

Tax season is about to swing into full gear – did you know the IRS started accepting 2014 tax returns on January 20? – and one question we hear from many of our younger clients is, “when should I hire someone to prepare my taxes?”

Budgeting that Works

In working with client families, I have noticed that many of them cringe when they hear the word “budget.” Discussions about budgeting often induce frowns, complaints and excuses. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that this distaste for the topic is a result of a…

A Message For Recent Graduates

When I was your age I walked to school uphill both ways in the snow!” You’ve probably heard your parents or grandparents tell you this story, right? You may see everything they have now and think life’s always been easy for them, but that doesn’t reflect how hard they had to…