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Making Your Financial Plan Fun

By Scott Downing

In the financial planning world, we discuss many goals such as saving an adequate emergency fund, stashing money away for retirement, paying for education, investment strategies and other “non-negotiables” about money. Although all of these aspects of your financial life are important, it can all start to feel like a lot of mundane rules to follow.

We know that you work hard each and every day to earn and save money for one reason: to spend it in the future. Many people focus their financial plan on these traditional goals, but don’t take the time to dream about ways to make their plan fun and personalized to their particular interests. Perhaps we’ve heard you and your spouse talk about that trip to Europe for years, but you still haven’t made it a reality. We can help you plan for that. Maybe your parents are getting older and you’d like to buy a second home closer to them to make frequent visits easy. We can help you work out a budget. Do you want to take your whole family on a cruise to create life-long memories? Add that to your checklist.

Whether it’s a one-off expense like a vacation, an ongoing dream such as a vacation home, or a life circumstance that’s causing some stress, it’s important to talk to your financial planning team about these things in addition to retirement goals, insurance questions and tax efficiency. Think about what’s important to you, and let us help you make the numbers work. If fancy cars aren’t your thing, that might free up some money we can allocate elsewhere to enhance and enrich your life. Our team can help you sort out your financial priorities and plan accordingly, while keeping you on track for your other financial goals.

Financial planning is about building relationships with an advising team you trust, and about meeting your unique, individual lifestyle needs and wants. We can help you save for what you want to do in life, not just what you have to do. People tell us on a weekly basis that they wish they’d started working with us sooner – don’t make that mistake with the fun parts of your life. You don’t want to look back and say, “I wish I’d taken that trip, played that golf course, or taken those classes.” Build those things into your plan at your next meeting.

What goals, dreams or life situations do you have that you haven’t talked to us about? Give us a call and let us know so we can start helping you fit them into your financial picture.

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