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What Makes Us Different - And Why That Matters

By Brandon Schleter

At Family Financial Partners and FeeForPlan.com, we do things a little differently than many firms. But we're not different just for the sake of being different - there's always method to our madness. Last week, we talked about our approach to planning, rather than simply creating and delivering a plan. Today, I want to explore our investment strategy.

Many of our clients have already worked with another financial advisor when they walk through our doors, and in my experience, there are four main differences to our approach that set us apart from what our clients have seen in the past.

First, we use investment models that WE designed - not some guy in New York. We tailor our investments to our clients and client base, as it's our firm belief that there is no one-size fits all investment strategy.

Second, some brokers go into each account individually and pick stocks. This can lead to favoritism toward bigger clients, and additionally, not everyone has the same investment strategy as the person picking the stock. We work within our investment models to make sure each client is taken care of in a way that fits their needs.

Third, we know that investing doesn't happen in a vacuum. We look at our clients' entire investment portfolio to make sure the overall strategy works across all accounts. We look at 401(k) allocations and any other investment or retirement accounts to help ensure that everything is working together.

Finally, because we use our own tailored approach, we always know what we own, and more importantly, our clients know what they own. I can't tell you how many folks come in for that first meeting and tell us they don't know where they're invested. We help them not only become informed about where their money is, but how those investments fit into their end goals.

We have found time and time again that the more educated and informed our clients are, the likelier they are to stay on track and reach their goals. This also helps prevent emotional decisions that can derail financial goals. If you know what you own and why, it's easier to stay the course through market ups and downs and avoid making decisions out of fear or panic.

Do you know where your investments are? Do you know how your investment strategy fits in with the rest of your financial goals? Let us help. Call us today.

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