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Knowing Your "Why"

Are you investing in a way that's aligned with your values and beliefs?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you're investing your money? I mean beyond the obvious answers of a secure retirement and saving for the future. Why are you investing, and more specifically, why are you investing the way you are? Have you thought about other ways you might invest that align with your values, beliefs, and lifestyle?

Many people answer the "why" question with the typical Google questions and answers - how do I get rich? What should I invest in? But we encourage our clients to take it a step further. They've hired a planning team after all, and we're here to help. Do you have hobbies that could turn into an investment? Obviously we won't recommend that you rely solely on your stamp collection, but these types of hobbies can provide some income at some point.

While one of our goals for our client families is certainly planning for the retirement they want, we also make sure our clients know we want them to enjoy life now. That means spending some of their money on their hobbies and interests, and if possible, turning those into income and investments. What do you enjoy? How do you spend your free time? Is there a way for that to provide a side-stream of income, or even become a business in the future? Creative outlets like blogging, music, YouTube videos, and yes, even stamp collecting all have the potential to provide additional income and investment opportunities.

How do you invest your time? What do you love doing? Once we've sat down and talked to our clients about these things, it's our job to take those other investments and make sure they complement the overall financial plan we've put together for you. We can adjust other parts of your plan to make sure what you're doing outside of more traditional investments fits in with your goals, both long- and short-term.

We can also take steps to align your overall portfolio with your personal core values. We believe that people are that much more likely to stick with their financial goals and plan if they feel it was designed to fit with who they are, not just where they're going.

What do you love to do that might become an investment or provide income? What hobbies are you pursuing? Our team would love to sit down with you and see how we can make sure your financial plan fits your goals, hobbies, and your lifestyle.

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