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Natural Resources and Your Family

By David Smyth

Fall is such a great season. College football, tailgates, pumpkins, sweaters – and of course the Christmas decorations are already up at Wal Mart! And as the weather changes and cools, we also start thinking about our use of natural resources, from the gas and heating oil bills to extra bundles of firewood and automobile fuel.

Whether you’re the kind of family that believes you can always put on another layer to keep warm during the cooler months, or you’re walking around in your house in shorts all winter, there is something of an energy revolution happening across America right now. We’re all looking for ways to either use fewer resources, or for alternative sources of energy and fuel. You might be cruising in your Prius, plugging in your Tesla or just driving less, but it’s undeniable that times are changing. Maybe you’re planning to install solar panels on your roof, an underground pump for geothermal heating, or just thinking about turning lights off more regularly as the days become shorter.

Whatever your approach to natural resources and regardless of technological advances, the reality is we’re still using them up. As a nation we have a bigger problem ahead of us, simply because we’re growing. We’ve been enjoying affordable energy for some time now, but as the economy bounces back, we should see spiking energy prices. That means not only being more proactive in your own approach to the use and protection of our resources, but in teaching your children and grandchildren to be good stewards of those resources as well.

So this fall, while you’re enjoying some homemade pumpkin pie or gathered around a backyard fire pit, talk to your family. Remind them what it costs to leave lights on, or that using up resources now means their kids might not have all the options we do today.

Wondering what this renaissance in resources could mean for you? Give us a call and come on in for a chat. We’ll review your current investment portfolio with you and discuss opportunities for you to consider.

Oh, and Dad, yes, I heard you. In fact, sometimes I can still hear you say, “David E. Smyth! Turn that light out! Do you think money grows on trees?”

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