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Summertime, and the Livin' Should be Easy

By David Smyth

It’s summer in Kentucky, and that means torrential downpours, floods, lightening and tornado-like high winds. Want to come visit?

Despite Mother Nature, this is the time of year when those of you who are working are trying to squeeze in trips to the lake, weekend getaways and vacations in warm, sunny places with family and friends. Over the last few weeks many families in our office have done the same thing. This truly is the time of year when people think of spending time together and resting on their proverbial laurels after all the hard work of fall and spring. Oh, and that reminds me – be sure to join us at our Family Pool Night at Greenbrier on July 31. Games, food, drinks, and fun for the whole family. More information can be found below and here.

Summer is supposed to be a relaxing and laid-back time of year, but I know from personal experience that for many of us, these days in the office can be hectic as we try to cram a week’s worth of work into two days, or play catch-up from a couple of weeks off. I also know from past summers that, despite our efforts to contact you, schedule meetings or simply touch base, many of you receive our messages and think, “good grief – not now!” Believe me, we understand – this time of year can be stressful!

But the good news is that, in a month, the kids and grandkids will be back in school and your traditional schedule will fall back into place, bringing order after the chaos of summer. Speaking of chaos, the markets have experienced a little of that over the last few weeks, and of course all those Wall Street traders have been trying to squeeze in their summer vacations as well! As promised, we took advantage of last week’s discounted prices to add to equity positions in many of your portfolios.

By the end of this month our staff will be back from their vacations, and we will begin to get back in touch with you for your end-of-year-2015 (can you believe it??) planning meetings. For those of you who meet with me, we will also discuss such important topics as Seattle Seahawks football and Kentucky’s upcoming Breeders’ Cup! While you’re here, I’d love to see pictures from your family vacations and hear about your favorite memories you made this summer. Despite what the media may say – or your college-age kids! – traditional family vacations are are alive and well.

So, Mom and Dad, where are we going? Your son, Dave.

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