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Pre-retirement: What Does it Mean?

Unless you’re a Boomer, the word “retirement” probably seems far off and foreign, if not downright scary. As company pensions have disappeared in recent years, the gauntlet of saving for retirement has fallen solely on the individual employees. That means we are hearing more…

Social Security Questions - It's More Complicated Than You Might Think!

Do you ever feel that, with every financial question you get answered, two more pop up it its place? Managing our financial lives in the 21st century is complicated, making it even more necessary than ever to have an advisor helping you navigate retirement planning, Social…

Taking Stock of Your Stuff

We all accumulate a lot of stuff throughout our lives. Some of that stuff is important and has value, either practical, monetary or sentimental. But much of what we accumulate becomes junk, like the infamous Beanie Baby collections many families still have from the 1990s.

Long-Term Goals and Delayed Gratification

Last week, my oldest son Gates brought home one of those terrible school fundraisers. You know, the kind we all dread that requires your child to raise sponsorships in order to earn a cheap and useless prize. This time, the prize was a giant plastic Frisbee, and Gates wanted…